Topics Affecting the 61st District

Over the next few months, Greg will be forming his Constituents Advisory Group, made up of volunteers from within the 61st District to serve as advisers on issues concerning their particular area of expertise. The best, most knowledgeable and successful people will be asked to serve regardless of their political affiliation.

Some of the issues the Group will cover include:

Greg Marston for your Delegate!

Greg Marston, a native of South Central Virginia, is a fiscal conservative, a social liberal, and a family man with strong Christian values. Before retiring, Greg spent 31 years with the railroad, and 24 of those years as a part time officer with the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division of Teamsters.

As VA Legislative Director for the BMWED, he worked at the Virginia Capitol with both Democrats and Republicans to promote legislation that would protect and promote fairness to all Virginians.

Now Greg wants to put that same work ethic, sense of fairness, and fighting spirit to advocate for the people of the 61st District.

Vote November 3, 2015, and Make it Marston!